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2018 Top Ten Bimbo Awards, Eric Golub

From Obama, Kerry and Harf to a Wolf, the top 10 Political bimbos of 2018

LOS ANGELES: Was Katy Perry the Barack Obama of pop culture, or was President Obama the Katy Perry of politics? Both frequently come across as shallow and vapid.  Worse, they took pride in being vapid and surrounding themselves with people who celebrated them for being vapid. They are bimbos. Political bimbos to be clear.  Somewhere along the ...

Just out: Netflix releases ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Trailer

WASHINGTON, January 12, 2014 – It’s out: the official trailer for Season 3 of Netflix popular original political drama series, “House of Cards.” Starring Kevin Spacey as America’s nastiest-ever President (we think), “House of Cards” is riding high for Netflix, particularly since Spacey and co-star Robin wright have copped Golden Globes for their work in ...

Muslim actors Marnò, Ali, Jaffrey star on House of Cards

Remy Danton is a lot of things: a hotshot lobbyist, an associate of Raymond Tusk, and someone who has known Francis Underwood for many years. The actor that plays Remy Danton, Mahershala Ali, is something else: an Ahmadi Muslim.