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Kevin Price

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Democrat legislative agenda: Out of touch with America’s values

WASHINGTON: The new Congress is fully back in the legislative swing. Unfortunately, it appears the most radical wing of the Democratic Party is driving the parties agenda. Issues that would not be touched by the Democrats just a few years ago are now front and center. Over the last week, the Price of Business radio ...

GOP voters are dazed and confused

Those who believe that Trump is still a fad or that only an established "name brand" will get the GOP nomination need to wake up to the reality that the voters have had enough

The incredible shrinking global economy

WASHINGTON, March 26, 2014 − Barack Obama is only one of many chief executives of countries around the world who is being forced to adjust the GDP of his country from 2014 to a lower figure. Furthermore, he is one of many who must continually defend stagnant economies. I remember when I was growing up ...