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John McCain

Sen . John McCain

Sen. John McCain: God measures a great man by his Faith

FLOWER MOUND, TX: With the passing of Sen. John McCain (1936-2018), America has lost a modern-day patriot. The Senator from Arizona ran for President, losing twice, but always gently speaking his message. Until he was pushed the wrong way, and then the fire would spark and tough talk would begin. He gained the mantle “Maverick” for his willingness to vote ...

John McCain, Fair-Weather Journalists, Stephen Nemo

John McCain and his fair-weather journalist “friends”

WASHINGTON: Senator John McCain of Arizona, who lost his battle with cancer on Saturday, was many things to many people. But the self-described Republican “maverick” was also many things to the same people. Take The New York Times editorial board for instance. McCain’s fair-weather journalist “friends” For example, the nation’s “newspaper of record” endorsed McCain in ...

Hillary, the DNC, Russians and John McCain, a dubious GOP “hero”

If House Republicans are reluctant to #releasethememo it’s because a powerful member of their party (John McCain?) colluded with Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Christopher Steele and the Russians against the 2016 GOP presidential nominee and, more importantly, his country.