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Joe Biden

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Happy Opposite Day – Joe Biden’s first year legacy of 180s for America

WASHINGTON, D.C.: January 25th is Opposite Day. It should be a day that Washington, D.C. gets off. Swamp denizens are always doing the 180 from the truth – to get elected to office or simply to cover their own backsides after getting called out or caught. Take Joe Biden for example… no, really, take him. ...

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Dwindling Clinton cash bodes ill for Hunter Biden’s future

Hunter Biden, idiot son of faux President Joe Biden, should be worried. News reports say Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation has seen a 75 percent decline in contributions. No longer a Washington power couple, the globe’s corrupt institutions and governments no longer seek access by greasing the palms of America’s graying Ozark oligarchs. So, when ...

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FBI Raids Project Veritas writers seeking Ashley Biden’s diary

NEW YORK: The FBI raided two New York addresses Thursday linked to conservative news outlet Project Veritas. Published reports state that the addresses were those of present and former employees of Project Veritas. The raids are said to be part of a probe into the alleged theft of President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley’s salacious diary ...

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Is Garland’s Parental Terrorist order for the benefit of his family, not yours?

WASHINGTON: Attorney General Merrick Garland, the man who could have been a Supreme Court Justice, is spewing his rage at American parents aka Parental Terrorists. He’s reacting by a letter sent by leaders of the U.S. Education union cartel to White House Resident-in-Chief to target American parents. Yes, the most powerful law enforcement bureaucrat in ...

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Will America allow Biden, social media to cancel Gold Star Mother’s Grief?

WASHINGTON: How do you measure the weight of a Gold Star mother’s grief over the death of her son. Her son who gave his life for this nation?  Apparently, for Joe Biden, the anguish of families standing over the remains of 13 U.S service family members can be measured in a dismissive tick-tock glance at ...

Painting by the numbers with the unremarkable Hunter Biden

WASHINGTON. The woman was delighted to encounter the world-renowned artist in a restaurant. Picasso, inarguably one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The man who created the image Guernica. The woman boldly asked Pablo Picasso if he’d dash off a drawing on a napkin, saying she’d gladly pay him for his trouble. Moments ...

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Goebbel’s “Big Lie” returns

"Unity" Joe Biden invokes Goebbel's "Big Lie", using Capitol "riots" like the Reichstag fire to bring Kristallnacht to Conservatives.