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President Trump's winning, Jacquie Kubin, Jobs, Economy, Trump agenda

Chuck Todd: President Trump’s winning, Democrats are reeling

WASHINGTON: President Trump’s winning. The Conservative agenda is winning. Nancy Pelosi and her crumbs; Maxine Waters and her hate; Socialists and Statue of Liberty climbers are loosing. Because in America, the American Dream is to have a job that will allow you to live your life better than your parents. And your children, better than ...

Paul Krugman is wrong about DACA’s impact on America

Paul Krugman fails in his arguments. Dreamers are a part of a vicious cycle that drain foreign economies of human resources, increases job competition, and fails to address instability caused by ignoring the rule of law.

Donald Trump talks economics in Detroit

Trump says his economic program focuses on three clear goals: Jobs, growth and opportunity. He called it a "day-night" contrast to Obama's job-killing agenda.

Obamanomics’ amazing shrinking socialist cake

Jerome believed in what modern economists call the “fixed cake fallacy.” The silly theory (believed by Karl Marx) states that all wealth is fixed, and, like physical matter, cannot be made or destroyed, only rearranged.