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Jesus Christ

Good Friday, Easter, Jesus Christ, Al Goodwyn

Good Friday: A day to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s rebirth

Good Friday. The second in a trilogy of holy days making up Easter Week, (Psalm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter itself) the purpose of Good Friday is lost on many. Lost in the sea of confusion and politically charged rhetoric is the Easter message itself Intended to bring people together, rather than apart, and to ...

Corrie ten Boom: The price of helping Jews during WWII

FORT WORTH, Texas. — The Gestapo arrested and dragged an old man out of his happy home February 1944. The officer in charge told him that if he behaved himself, he would be back home soon and able to die in his own bed. Hearing this, 84-year-old Casper ten Boom straightened up, looked the officer ...

Jesus Christ, Commandments, Easter, Disciples

Easter: Reviving the commandments of Jesus Christ

At the Last Supper, knowing that his crucifixion was at hand, Jesus Christ spoke to his disciples, offering them one last commandment. If you love me, love my commandments. The first of those is to Love the Lord, your God. He also begged them to love each other.