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President Trump’s hoax Impeachment full of “Unimpeachable Teachables”

WASHINGTON: Wednesday, the Democratically-controlled US House of Representatives voted to remove President Donald J. Trump from office. Their meager indictment includes the undefined charges of “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress.” And thus, the impeachment controversy, simmering since the moment the president took his oath of office in January of 2017, culminated in a ...

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Democrats leaving your country at risk over impeachment

COLORADO SPRINGS:  It’s been three long years for democrats. Three years of climate-change inaction and of regulation cutting.  Three years of a U.S. president who rejects nearly all of their agenda. A President targeted for impeachment before he set foot into his new executive office.  In years past, the reaction to being out of power ...

Trump being the NATO boss despite Democrats Impeachment follies

WASHINGTON: President Trump is the NATO boss. The man is large and in charge. He walks softly carrying the big stick of tariffs and determination. And he is not afraid to say what he thinks. Express what he wants. There is no ambiguity. Moments can get rough, like the exchange between President Macron and Trump ...