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Corrie ten Boom found healing by forgiving Nazis

FORT WORTH, Texas: Corrie ten Boom turned 126 years old on April 15. It was also the 36th anniversary of her death. Jewish tradition considers this a great blessing. It means that the person completed the task given by God on the day she was born. And she sure did. Survivor of the barbarism of ...

Corrie ten Boom: Ravensbrück Concentration Camp and fleas of hope

FORT WORTH, Texas: With dashed hopes the inmates boarded overcrowded trains that took them away from Vught Prison and the Allies who were coming to rescue them. Their next stop was the notorious Ravensbrück Concentration Camp in Germany. Yet Corrie held onto hope, literally. Her sister Nollie managed to smuggle a small bible that hung from ...

London’s Kent Galleries alliance with America’s We The Kids

The art of David Kent and Kent Galleries is tied to his heart and to his spirit in his painting of liberating freedom, enjoyment of the quality of life and history.  It is that same devotion to art and the celebration of history and freedom that ties his Kent Art Gallery to “We The Kids.” 

Book Review: Lucy Beckett’s moving novel, ‘The Leaves Are Falling’

CHICAGO, August 28, 2014 − Lucy Beckett may be a retired English literature professor, but she definitely doesn’t write like one. Fresh off of her success with “Postcard from a Volcano,” Beckett has crafted another work of engaging historical fiction sure to capture the admiration of fans of the genre. What is contained within her ...