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Oscars, Hollywood Idiots

The Oscars and the Hollywood Idiots: Did anybody watch?

WASHINGTON: The Oscars have come and mercifully have gone. But they’ll be back. Like syphilis without the threat of penicillin, this social disease of pomposity, this mutual admiration society will find its way back next year.  Whispering in our ear“Yoo-Hoo. Here we are. The good people who know everything and also what is best for ...

“Leaving Neverland” – Hollywood’s pedophilia problem exposed

WASHINGTON. The four-hour HBO Dan Reed documentary “Leaving Neverland” left me fuming. Not at the bizarre rock star with the pixie nose, comical high-pitch voice, and revolting compulsion to hang out with young boys, but the so-called mothers who allowed their sons to have sleepovers, they allege, in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. In Michael Jackson’s bed. ...

Oscars fail as another Academy Awards fades away

2017's Oscars claimed the dubious distinction of being the third least watched awards telecast since Hollywood public narcissism began in 1953. If it turns out Academy Awards viewership in 2018 was as bad, it's more for Jimmy Kimmel to cry about. Proves America rebukes Hollywood morals.

The Top 10 amazing movies of 2017

2017 movies brought the world an amazing number of films ranging from big-budget blockbusters to small-time indie films. Each month brought a major hit.