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Obama’s inevitable war with a (nuclear) Iran

Like it or not, war with Iran is inevitable, all wishful thinking and diplomatic overtures to the contrary. No paper agreement will stop Iran’s totalitarian ambitions than it did Hitler’s.

Thanksgiving: A harvest festival where harmony trumps hate

Focusing on the potential of human harmony requires a genuine effort intended to get past the pain of loss, past resentment, past the emotional and intellectual baggage, past religious or political dogma, and past negative, judgmental attitudes.

Paul Gottfried’s “Encounters” explain how neocons hacked the American right

OCALA, Fla., April 28, 2014 — It’s no secret that the American conservative movement is bereft of ideas. One need only watch a weekday evening cable “news” program or listen to any number of talk radio shows to discover how bad the situation is. How often do we hear about reproductive rights, school vouchers, global ...