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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Presidency, Democrats

More tears from the clownish Hillary Clinton in 2024?

WASHINGTON. With faux President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris less popular than COVID-19, Hillary Clinton believes she’s the only viable Democratic candidate that can defeat President Donald Trump in 2024. She’s determined to read that tearful presidential victory speech with which she regaled online attendees to her “Power of Resilience” masterclass. (Poor little ...

Hillary Clinton, Resilience, Master Class

Poor little Hillary Clinton: the ghoul in the mirror

Lately, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t afraid to show her sensitive side. And nothing gets the ice queen choking back Niagara Falls-style tears as recalling her humiliating 2016 defeat at the hands of Donald J. Trump. Recently, Mrs. Clinton delivered a video master class on “the power of resilience” ...

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America divided: To reduce hate dividing America, reduce the government

WASHINGTON: It’s getting worse. People are taking to the streets, and not just in America. Muslims in Germany and the UK protest for their demands. Freedom advocates in Hong Kong, the yellow vest union protestors in France. Hungry shopkeepers and students in Venezuela.  Here in the homeland we have Antifa and Black Lives Matter and ...