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The Witches of Westwick: Harris, Pelosi & Waters – Cali gals of health care

WASHINGTON: Kamala Harris, now running for president, wants universal health care. She maintains it is a right, not a privilege. That would, of course, mean that the 13th Amendment is not a law but a suggestion. No? Who knew? Harris proposal is  juvenile, thoughtless drivel People in the real world are entertained, for lack of ...

Battling ALS and the ravages of time

It's that blasted grandfather clock. The best you can hope for is to get as much accomplished as possible, to savor the blessings of life, tell people you love them.

Rethinking how we deliver health care

Americans pay twice as much as the OECD average for healthcare, and don't live as long. With great medical schools and huge expenditure, why don't we do better?