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Harvey Weinstein

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Red Meat to Russia: The Top 10 News Stories of 2019

LOS ANGELES:  The American media has a terrible habit of highlighting news stories that do not matter. Suppressing those news stories that do matter. The news is whatever the liberal media says it is. All at the expense of what should be news. News that matters. Sensationalism over substance has helped turn America into the ...

2018 Top Ten Bimbo Awards, Eric Golub

From Obama, Kerry and Harf to a Wolf, the top 10 Political bimbos of 2018

LOS ANGELES: Was Katy Perry the Barack Obama of pop culture, or was President Obama the Katy Perry of politics? Both frequently come across as shallow and vapid.  Worse, they took pride in being vapid and surrounding themselves with people who celebrated them for being vapid. They are bimbos. Political bimbos to be clear.  Somewhere along the ...