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NFL, Halloween, Bettors, Preview, Guide

NFL Week 8 Preview and Bettor’s Guide: Things are scary on Halloween

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana, October 28, 2021 — While Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Hispanic heritage Month get some attention, the end of October is all about hobgoblins, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. This NFL Sunday is Halloween. Before taking a view down memory lane, there are some scary things going on in ...

NFL, Week 5, Cardinals, 49ers, Bettors, Preview, Guide

2021 Week 5 Preview and Bettor’s Guide: A silly NFL season

LOS ANGELES, October 6, 2021 — The Arizona Cardinals are for real. That sentence itself seems silly. Born in 1899, this franchise has been the model of futility. They moved from Chicago to St. Louis before relocating to Phoenix. They have endured mostly losing seasons. The last time they started 4-0 in 2012, they finished ...