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11 Point Plan to Rescue America, GOP, Rick Scott

Will the GOP stand behind Rick Scott’s 11 Point Plan to Rescue America?

WASHINGTON. With polls showing most Americans are angry over Democratic Party misrule, many Republicans want to pursue a Bidenesque 2020 electoral policy. That’s to say, staying in the basement and out of sight of voters. But some in the Grand Old Party (GOP) insist their party must stand for something. Sen. Rick Scott of Florida ...

Liz Cheney, Wyoming, GOP

Wyoming GOP rejects Cheney, unrecognizing a deep-state enabler of evil

WASHINGTON: Never-Trump Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney was declared persona non grata by Wyoming’s GOP. By a vote of 31-29, the state organization’s central committee ruled it will no longer “recognize” Cheney as a Republican. That’s a very close vote. One that expresses the rot infecting so much of today’s GOP. (Wyoming GOP won’t recognize Liz ...

Biden, GOP, RINOs

American low point: Joe Biden and his GOP enablers

WASHINGTON. If Americans haven’t figured it out yet, the United States is at a serious low point at the moment. And no single person exemplifies that reality more than faux President Joe Biden, senile and hiding somewhere in the White House. At least 13 American servicemen and 72 others died, victims of an explosion triggered ...

Alamo, Texas, George P. Bush, GOP, Republicans, Bush

Rising GOP star George P. Bush would do well to Remember the Alamo

WASHINGTON: March 6 will mark the 184th anniversary of the fall of The Alamo. La Compania de Alamo. Always the Yankee transplants, the now in Texas Bush family continues its history of tempering Texas to its Bush New England roots. George P. Bush wants the Alamo to reflect world values. Something the United Nations can ...