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GOP convention

Ted Cruz and the Trump non-endorsement

Ted Cruz delivered a mostly well-received speech to the GOP Convention last night. The end went badly, but aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, the play was splendid.

Illinois GOP 2016 convention recap

There was no drama in Peoria, just normal, middle-America Republicans finishing up their convention on-time and under budget. Donald Trump would have liked it.

GOP delegates and their ‘headaches’

With GOP delegates already planning for those bad headaches at the convention, remarkably "conveniently" timed, we may have had it wrong. Political idealism once again will end up on the mat for the 10 count.

Helpful Democrat calls for GOP rules change. . . in five years

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 27, 2016 — A Sunday morning commentator on ABC News unwittingly offered the ultimate solution to the “problem that is Trump”: The Republican Party should admit their rules and procedures need overhauling and focus not on this year’s convention, but on the one that’s five years off instead. On its face, the ...