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George Washington

Celebrating President’s Day all week with patriot flag cake (Recipe)

SAN DIEGO, February 18, 2019 —President’s Day is the combined birthdays of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and what better way to enjoy it than with this delicious berry flag cake. Berries are readily available nearly year round anymore, and always seek the freshest from a natural market or even a fruit stand if ...

Who do we celebrate on Presidents Day? Presidents or a 3-day weekend?

SAN JOSE:  In recent years there has been much confusion over whether the holiday on the third Monday of February.  Is it a day to remember the birthday of George Washington or a day to honor all American presidents? Unfortunately, calendars do not often help to answer this question. Some calendars creating more confusion than clarification as ...

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George Washington Farewell Address: Advice for the 2018 elections

SAN JOSE: Anticipating the 2018 elections, it may be that politicians, and voters, should read George Washington’s Farewell Address. In 2016, Hillary Clinton claimed that Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, was meaningless. America is already great, she insisted. Then her pronouncement was a borderline denial of reality. And, the American people expressed ...

Washington’s farewell words helpful for 2016 Presidential election

Today in reality, there is one political party (Washington opposed any as he believed that they had the capability to destroy the Republic by destroying the unity he describes in this quote) that currently has no qualms in mustering division and disloyalty to the Union in place of loyalty to Party.

America’s Founding Fathers: What price freedom?

America's Founding Fathers "chose liberty over safety. When they signed that troublesome manifesto, they weren’t just declaring their independence - they were signing their own death warrant." ~ Mike Rowe