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Gay Marriage

Kim Davis: Freedom vs. our kangaroo courts

Contrary to the absurdities uttered by Judge Bunning, it is not Kim Davis that undermines the rule of law. It is appointed judges that believe they are a law unto themselves.

Why not polygamy, and why stop there?

Justice Kennedy's same-sex marriage ruling is an eloquent appeal for the children. So if one mommy is good, why not two? If two daddies are good, why not three?

Is gay marriage good or bad for America?

OCALA, Fla., October 18, 2014 — Same-sex marriage is legal in 31 states now. Many of today’s adolescents are growing up in a culture where gay marriage is either accepted as the latest phase of the Civil Rights Movement or well-established law not worth taking a second glance at. It is difficult to imagine that for ...

SCOTUS approves a tax on gays

The only people licking their chops more than the trial lawyers over the SCOTUS ruling are the fine folks at the Internal Revenue Service.

LGBT Divorce Issues

LGBT marriage, divorce, and overall legal chaos

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2014 — Marriage in the LGBT community is a constant uphill battle. With legislation often leaning against their rights, many find it difficult to become legally wed with their significant other. And now, in the age of modern marriage, the problem has extended to divorce. Equal protection of the law, a clause written ...