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The French fight back against the “Pass Sanitaire” health pass

FRANCE: The current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced in a nationwide televised address on July 12, 2021, two days before their national holiday-Bastille Day, that the entire population of France would be subject to his new policies regarding the implementation of a “Health Pass” (pass sanitaire). Beginning August 1 all people must be vaccinated.  ...

Trump being the NATO boss despite Democrats Impeachment follies

WASHINGTON: President Trump is the NATO boss. The man is large and in charge. He walks softly carrying the big stick of tariffs and determination. And he is not afraid to say what he thinks. Express what he wants. There is no ambiguity. Moments can get rough, like the exchange between President Macron and Trump ...

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Climate Change carbon taxation leading to French Revolution II: Vive la France!

WASHINGTON: You may not have heard, but anti-government riots are breaking out in Paris, France as a consequence of climate change carbon taxes. That consequence, of course, is higher fuel prices, which have added additional financial burdens to one of Europe’s heavily taxed populations. The whiff of climate change aristocracy France’s socialist government has increased taxes ...

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A Century after WWI, nationalism is once again growing

WASHINGTON: World leaders gathered in Paris to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice ending World War l. Between 1914 and 1918, some 9.7 million soldiers and 10 million civilians were killed during this first great war. Unfortunately, the destructive nationalism which led to that conflict, and to World War ll a few years ...

The Four Seasons George V: The Pinnacle of Paris

The Four Seasons George V is one of Paris' most legendary 5 star luxury hotels, with three Michelin starred restaurants, including the glorious Le Cinq, featuring the extraordinary 3 Star Michelin Chef Christian Le Squer.

France inaugurates President Macron

Macron enters office as a former investment banker who hopes to loosen labor laws, rebuild the pension system and simplify unemployment benefits.