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Ray Epps, Epps, Jan. 6, Insurrection, Capital, False Flag

The mysterious Ray Epps: Is he the proof that Jan. 6 was a Democrat False Flag?

WASHINGTON: Has America been scammed by a deep state false flag? Have Trump supporters been framed to look like domestic terrorists as a distraction to Democrats’ biggest criminal election fraud in American history? The answer to these questions may lie with one Ray Epps of Arizona. There are numerous videos on multiple platforms showing Epps ...

Biden, Ashley Biden, Joe biden, Project Veritas, FBI, Raid, Diary

FBI Raids Project Veritas writers seeking Ashley Biden’s diary

NEW YORK: The FBI raided two New York addresses Thursday linked to conservative news outlet Project Veritas. Published reports state that the addresses were those of present and former employees of Project Veritas. The raids are said to be part of a probe into the alleged theft of President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley’s salacious diary ...

Assault Rifles, Democrats, Gun Grab, 2A, FBI, Uniform Crime Report

FBI Uniform Crime Report exposes the big lie about “Assault Rifles”

WASHINGTON: More people were killed with fists, feet, and knives than with any rifle in 2020, according to the FBI’s latest Uniform Crime Report (UCR). The most recent 2020 FBI UCR destroying the fantasy on the left that an “assault rifle” is the most dangerous weapon on earth, and that no one needs one. In ...

NSBA, Garland, FBI, Parents, Domestic Terrorists

Is Garland’s Parental Terrorist order for the benefit of his family, not yours?

WASHINGTON: Attorney General Merrick Garland, the man who could have been a Supreme Court Justice, is spewing his rage at American parents aka Parental Terrorists. He’s reacting by a letter sent by leaders of the U.S. Education union cartel to White House Resident-in-Chief to target American parents. Yes, the most powerful law enforcement bureaucrat in ...

J6, Rally DC, FBI

Patriots not biting; D.C.’s J6 rally flops to the chagrin of undercover agents

WASHINGTON. President Donald J. Trump has proved to be a man with good instincts. Of the “Justice for the J6,” Saturday’s Washington rally designed to bring attention to the plight of detainees arrested for the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, Trump told The Federalist’s Sean Davis, “On Saturday, that’s a setup. If people don’t show ...