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Fake News

Cuomo, Smollett, Media, Hate Crime, Hoax, CNN

The bathhouse echo chamber of the Chris Cuomo media

Don’t you find it strange how the media has focused its attention on fired ass-hat and disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo to the exclusion of the Jussie Smollett trial for faking a hate crime? What’s so embarrassing for them is that those still with jobs on the nightly news were as duped by Smollett’s phony ...

Dan Rather, Brian Stelter, Fake News, CNN, CBS

Dan Rather’s ultimate Ratherism: The advent of liberal’s fake news

WASHINGTON. CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter, the nebbishy George Costanza of cable news, is alarmed by the dramatic drop in public confidence in the Fourth Estate. Stelter’s offering, CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” has dropped to below one million viewers an episode. (Ratings Free Fall: CNN’s Brian Stelter Loses 72% Of Viewers In 2021) On the other ...