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UK Brexit-related assassination tanks Thursday gold trade

WASHINGTON, June 17, 2016 – It’s been one truly strange Wall Street week, as dueling narratives—federal government lies vs. political reality on the ground—are driving more traders to head for the exits this week. For the most part. Thursday’s trading action saw markets tanking big-time, until, bizarrely, the tragic assassination of Jo Cox, a pro-EU ...

The ‘Brexit’ and interest rates: Black Swans on the horizon?

WASHINGTON, June 6, 2016 – Monday morning markets are off to the races, at least as of the noon hour. Today’s rocket fuel? Apparently upon re-thinking the issue, traders have decided that last week’s bad news on employment is good, meaning that companies can continue to use cheap, low interest-rate financing to buy back shares, ...

Greece: Spoiled by debt

Greek P.M. Tsipras demands that Greece get its due; its 'due' is probable default and a 'Grexit' from the euro-zone.

The EU, US, and the Arms Trade Treaty

Heavily veiled as an attempt to stifle the illicit global arms trade currently responsible for adding fuel to the fire of countless wars and conflicts around the globe, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has far reaching implications for the sovereignties and individual liberties of American citizens.

Is civil war coming to Ukraine?

Fighting along clearly divided geographical lines with equal or somewhat equal international support could lead to a stalemate in any combat that would arise.