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Eric Holder

How Tulsi Gabbard dealt the final blow to Kamala Harris

\\DELRAY BEACH: California Senator Kamala Harris was briefly a top tier contender for the Democrat presidential nomination.  On paper, she was the dream Democrat candidate. Her strategy was to replicate the campaign that propelled Senator Barack Obama into the White House in 2008. The similarities between Obama and Harris were overwhelming, and Harris’s strategy almost ...

From Ossoff (who?) to Russia: The 10 least important news stories of 2018

LOS ANGELES:  The media is overwhelmingly liberal to the point of outright advocacy. Unimportant stories are amplified ad nauseam while vital stories are ignored. Far too many media personalities are now more interested in being the news rather than just reporting it. Accosted by Acosta: CNN correspondent banned from White House The liberal covers stories not ...

El Chapo, Fast and Furious, Sinola Drug Cartel, Eric Holder, Obama Administration, Stephen Nemo

El Chapo on trial in Brooklyn: Fast and Furious anyone?

WASHINGTON: While the news media was bloviating over CNN’s whiny Jim Acosta’s White House expulsion, followed by his court-ordered reinstatement, a matter of some importance was taking place in Brooklyn, New York. The criminal trial began for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel kingpin, for drug trafficking and murder. And the connection between the ...

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer, modern liberalism, and the death of civility

By lifting up the quality of debate, Charles Krauthammer lifted us all up. He rejected the death of civility and the violence of modern liberalism. He was far better than the violent leftist mobs willing to endanger the lives of political opponents to win a policy fight.

DOA by DOJ: Comcast Time Warner buyout is no more (UPDATED)

WASHINGTON, April 24, 2015 – Like Monty Python’s famous parrot, the highly controversial marriage between cable and media giants Comcast and Time Warner is no more, effectively killed off by the trust-busting efforts of the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ). Numerous sources, including the Wall Street Journal and Comcast-owned CNBC, detailed the final outcome Friday morning, confirming ...