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Elections 2016

Why don’t Democrats love Donald Trump?

A Republican who's pro-Obamacare, pro-tax-the-richest, and anti-Kim Davis sounds like a Republican Democrats could love; so why don't they love Donald Trump? They have no one else.

Jim Gilmore was going to run

The GOP has more candidates than it knows what to do with. Does it really need another 'real Republican' in the race?

Trump and Sanders: Escaping the Matrix

The media machine has hyped up the non-choice: Hillary or Jeb. Sanders and Trump are reminding America, you have real choices; it's up to you to grab them.

Trump the Incredible Hulk

As The Donald turns big, mean and green, the media and other candidates are left wondering, who will he pummel next?

Report card for our elected officials

Our officials do derive their power from us, the people, and we need to seriously weight both those who are currently in office and those who want to take their place.