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Elections 2016

Donald Trump is angry? Good!!!

Black poverty is up, incomes are down, immigration is a mess, and the priority of Republicans in Congress is to stay in Congress. You should be mad, too.

Hillary Wynette is defined by her man

Hillary stood by her lying, cheating, always ithyphallic man and made it into a career. Now Dems are mad that Trump says Obama 'schlonged' her? Oh, please.

Hillary’s one-woman war on women

Hillary says, 'Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported'; does that include 'bitches' like Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey?

Donald Trump rides the immigration wave

Next year's elections don't balance on transgender rights, climate change, Black Lives Matter, or gun control. It's immigration, and only immigration, stupid.

Is Ben Carson insane?

Carson has some odd ideas, but so do we all, whether we believe that Jesus rose from the dead, God loves us, or doubling minimum wage will make us all rich.

Understanding the Ben Carson phenomenon

Ben Carson is well-educated, intelligent, an author, and, in the eyes of the left and the media, unqualified for high office: No black conservatives need apply.

GQ f-bombs Ben Carson

Drew Magary at GQ finds Ben Carson personally offensive. So offensive does he find him that he vomited his bile into print with the headline, “F*** Ben Carson.”

The Iran deal and the 2016 elections

The side that's right about the Iran deal should reap the benefits; the other side should take a beating. The stakes are too high to ignore their votes.