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Elections 2016

Trump vs Obama’s JV team

Obama called ISIS the JV, but that better describes his own foreign policy team; if the press wants to read more about Hillary, they should read the IG report.

Hey, Republicans: Let Trump be Trump!

The same people telling Trump to tone it down dismissed him as a loser months ago. All they know is losing, but Trump is a winner, and that scares them silly.

Donald Trump on the art of leadership

Trump came on the political scene like gangbusters; he didn't ask for attention, he seized it, and he gets $2 billion in free press and the nomination for his efforts.

Who stands against Donald Trump?

The left has been telling Americans to "shut up" for years, but not only won't Trump "shut up," he'll roar his contempt. The GOP should think about that before shushing him.

The GOP’s changing of the guard

Too liberal for its conservatives and too insider for the iconoclasts, the GOP old guard will be absent or diminished at the RNC. What will the new GOP look like?