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Election 2020

Legislatures, Election Integrity, Fraud, AZ

From Arizona to Wisconsin, a 2021 Year-End Election Audit Update

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Communities Digital News gave several recaps of where things stood in the various state election audits around the country in 2021. It is no wonder people are willfully tuning out mainstream media evening television newscasts in record numbers as well as letting their newspaper subscriptions lapse. They keep calling President Trump’s charge of ...

Georgia, Election Integrity, Due Process, Election 2020

Election 2020 fraud continues: Georgia’ Peaches and Election Schemes

WASHINGTON: More and more news keeps coming out in the State of Georgia indicating widespread election fraud. A conspiracy by Democrats and RINO Republicans working in unison to oust President Donald Trump in 2020. The plot to steal the election should have led to a criminal investigation. However, the FBI and A.G. Bill Barr were ...

Political Strategy: How do you guarantee an election victory?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., February 6, 2021—All candidates want to win. What’s the point otherwise? The real question is how to win. To win an election you need a majority of the votes. To get the majority of the votes you need a strategy. Last week we looked at some of the ordinary methods used to ...