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Good Friday: A day to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s rebirth

Good Friday. The second in a trilogy of holy days making up Easter Week, (Psalm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter itself) the purpose of Good Friday is lost on many. Lost in the sea of confusion and politically charged rhetoric is the Easter message itself Intended to bring people together, rather than apart, and to ...

Good Friday trading hours: Wall Street to take its traditional pause

No one is totally sure why the Good Friday trading halt became the tradition it is today. But most who’ve looked into its history at least a little sense it’s due in part to the confluence of the Christian Easter holiday seasons and the Jewish Passover. Both occur at roughly the same time each year.

Easy to make and healthy: Easter Pear Custard Pie

Serving Pear Custard Pie will certainly become an Eastertime favorite. The recipe is simple, may be made the day before and refrigerated. Make it super easy and use a pre-made store bought pie crust.