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Earth day

Earth Day 2019: A good time to start giving the planet extra care

SAN DIEGO: The first Earth Day occurred on April 22, 1970. Taking care of our one and only Earth is something that should occur on a daily basis.  Earth Day should be the first day you do more to give Mother Earth a little tender loving care. What was notable about the first Earth Day ...

Earth Daze

Earth Day(s) is considered to be of the most celebrated days throughout the world, but not too many people realize that there are in fact, more than one “Earth Day.”

Uniting the world on Earth Day: U.S. and China to sign historic agreement

SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2016 —  April 22 is Earth Day, which falls on the same day every year! The first Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, 1970, brought together approximately 20 million Americans who demonstrated their love, appreciation and concern for our planet. This historic event resulted in the creation of the United States ...

Wall Street tending its garden of stocks on Earth Day 2015

WASHINGTON, April 22, 2015 – Ho-hum. It’s Earth Day today, in case you didn’t already know it. Which you wouldn’t if you didn’t switch on the TV. That’s where all those overpaid, blathering blow-dries busy themselves, gasbagging about all the ways we should honor and protect the Earth—mainly by starving and burning a few corn cobs each ...