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NY Times Pulitzer Prize for the lies, damned lies and Trump – Russia collusion

If you win a Pulitzer Prize for journalism that is later discovered to be based on lies, do you have to give it back? That’s a question no one’s asking. Not even the editors at the nation’s so-called “newspaper of record,” The New York Times. US Attorney John Durham’s recent indictments of two Democrat/Clinton associates ...

Obama, Deep State, Democrat's, Biden, Russia Hoax, CIA

American democracy dies in the Democrat’s Deep State Darkness

WASHINGTON. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s very public two-year investigation into Russia collusion failed to produce evidence that any American cooperated in so-called Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. For two years, Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff steadfastly maintained they had irrefutable evidence that President Donald Trump was an agent of Russian President Vladimir ...

Lara Logan, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Journalism, Russia, Stephe Nemo

Lara Logan discusses the partisan media and collusion with Fusion GPS

WASHINGTON. If you ask former CBS correspondent Lara Logan the difference between mainstream media “journalism” and the tactics employed by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, her answer would likely be, “Not much.” But we’ll get back to Lara Logan’s unceremonious departure from the “Tiffany Network” in a moment. Democrats, journalists, smear machines, and Trump/Russia collusion ...