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Donald L. Brake

Democrats and Republicans: The Bible’s Plea for Hope and Civility

FLOWER MOUND, TX: Hope is one of the most important emotions humans possess. Without hope, life is dreary and one is reduced to just “living” resulting in depression, sadness, lethargy, or anger. Extreme forms lead to self-destruction.   Hope and Civility is a biblical promise of better days. The recent commemoration of 9/11 reminded us of ...

The Bible and Economics: The Socialism vs Capitalism Debate

FLOWER MOUND, TX: A lively debate over the specter of socialism in American politics has raised the already overheated political arena to the boiling point. What was out of the question a decade ago, the mainstream, the Democrat party has suddenly embraced. Since the 14th District House seat in New York elected Democratic Socialists, Alexandra ...

Sen . John McCain

Sen. John McCain: God measures a great man by his Faith

FLOWER MOUND, TX: With the passing of Sen. John McCain (1936-2018), America has lost a modern-day patriot. The Senator from Arizona ran for President, losing twice, but always gently speaking his message. Until he was pushed the wrong way, and then the fire would spark and tough talk would begin. He gained the mantle “Maverick” for his willingness to vote ...

Religion vs. Christianity, Bible's Role in Faith

Practicing Religion vs Christianity: The Bible’s role in faith

Are Christians being less authentic to their faith if they want a hearing on the Bible’s reliability for speaking as a legitimate source for truth? The Bible is not a strawman that can be used to summarily dismiss when discussing evolution—atheistic or theistic.

The Language of God, Francis Collin, Donald L. Brake

The Language of God: Francis Collins, Christian evolutionists new voice

FLOWER MOUND, TX: Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., physician-geneticist and the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Washington D.C., has become a Christian voice for a new generation of theistic evolutionists. In his book, The Language of God, Francis Collins attempts to harmonize Christianity with evolution. While theistic evolution has been around for ...

Viewing religion: The clash of worldviews – Darwinism vs religion

FLOWER MOUND, TX:  The clash of Darwinism vs religion is an issue showing how Americans today stress individual freedom(s), including religion. One ongoing debate is that many who consider themselves Christian or religious but do not actively practice religion, largely accept some form of evolution. They do this without realizing the implications of evolution on how they ...

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Rev. Billy Graham, God, Religion, Donald L. Brake

Viewing religion: Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Rev. Billy Graham, two moral men

What drives morality: is it accepting God’s authority or the fear that He might exist. Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Rev. Billy Graham were both men of high morals and intellect. But they both viewed religion very differently. Was one more right, or are they equally correct, welcomed into heaven after their passing.