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DNC and Fox News

DNC ousts fair and balanced Fox News from hosting its primary debates

WASHINGTON. The Democratic National Committee (DNC), which partially funded the creation of the anti-Trump dossier that triggered the phony Trump/Russia collusion narrative, has announced that Fox News will not host any of the 2020 Democratic presidential debates. Tough questions tend to poke holes in false narratives. The DNC: Running, as usual, from tough questions DNC ...

Trump-Russia investigation

Freaky-Friday document dump: Proof Trump-Russia investigation is a witch hunt

Aimed directly at the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidate, this Trump-Russia investigation was launched on a preposterous pretext. It alleged that the party responsible for defeating the old Soviet Union under President Ronald Reagan was now working for, or in collusion with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A FISC full of plotters: Aiding the Deep State’s anti-constitutional cabal

As its title suggests, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court - FISC - was designed to help combat, among our many enemies, Russian spies operating on American soil. Now with the Cold War ended, it has morphed into a secret, extra-constitutional mechanism that threatens the legitimacy of our elections.

Hillary, the DNC, Russians and John McCain, a dubious GOP “hero”

If House Republicans are reluctant to #releasethememo it’s because a powerful member of their party (John McCain?) colluded with Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Christopher Steele and the Russians against the 2016 GOP presidential nominee and, more importantly, his country.