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Our declining belief in death

No one knows what happens when we die, but there are quite a number of folks who feel they’ve at least gotten a glimpse, calling into question the very notion of death.

The holiday season in sorrow and joy

Strip down the holiday to what is most meaningful to you, then don’t worry about the rest. It isn’t important, so don’t make it important by mourning its absence.

Proof of heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey

After reading Alexander’s book, one is left with wonder, doubt, hope and caution; pretty much as before reading his book. Is there a life, a Heaven or Hell, after death.

Meth addiction claims child victims

Washington, January 12, 2012 – In the world of Methamphetamine addiction, murder, mayhem and misery reign supreme. The recent case of the twenty-three year old Fresno woman who went on a murderous rampage while under the effects of the drug highlights the its devastation. The woman videotaped herself using Methamphetamine just hours before she shot ...