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The bathhouse echo chamber of the Chris Cuomo media

Don’t you find it strange how the media has focused its attention on fired ass-hat and disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo to the exclusion of the Jussie Smollett trial for faking a hate crime? What’s so embarrassing for them is that those still with jobs on the nightly news were as duped by Smollett’s phony ...

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Democrats 2020 Election Biden coronavirus conundrum  

WASHINGTON: Lost in all the hoopla over the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic in the American press, is the fact that it is still the year of 2020 Election. So far the Democrats’ choices are down to Biden, and Sanders.  And possibly NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. But the mainstream media has gone into silent mode because Sanders ...

Progressive Left, Abortion, New York City, Cuomo

Abortion Politics and the Progressive Left destruction of America

WASHINGTON: It began with friends and family taking sides in a manner not seen in America since the Civil War.  After Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, anger in America has quickly escalated to a point where children are attacked. Where political correctness overshadows common sense. Where road rage leads to a man driving for ...