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Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson holds a COVID-19 vaccine injury hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C.: On Tuesday the 25th, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R) held a panel discussion with doctors and medical researchers who have treated COVID-19 vaccine-injured patients titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion.” Many science and medical professionals have been researching the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines promoted by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Thousands of patients worldwide ...

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California judge delivers ruling to help parents fight state vaccine mandates

WASHINGTON: Parents in California and across America may soon have a reason to celebrate freedom from student vaccine mandates. What a San Diego County State Court just said about California’s Vaccine Mandate for Students is key.  Two different plaintiffs’ groups recently sued the state of California over its COVID-19 student vaccine mandate and lost. But ...

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The Covid-19 Nuremberg 2.0 style trials are coming soon!

“WASHINGTON: A very informative video that truly speaks the absolute truth came out in June of this year. But few Americans saw it. Greg Reese of Infowars compiled this important video, which he entitled “Nuremberg 2.0.” But it appears that both social media and government entities continue to busy themselves by systematically suppressing it and ...

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COVIDLAND: The Lockdown – a documentary by Alex Jones (Part 1)

WASHINGTON: Many people do not like Alex Jones and his Infowars news show–the most banned news network in the world. Nonetheless, that Jone is speaking the truth is becoming recognized. “COVIDLAND: The Lockdown” is part 1 of a free COVID-19 documentary series produced by Jones and his Infowars team. It is a very good documentary. ...

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For Southwest and others, the sky may be the limit for vaccine pushback

WASHINGTON: Dr. Jane Ruby, a respected medical professional, and health economist recently appeared on the Stew Peters Show. With over 20 years of experience in regulatory processes for drug approval with the FDA and the EMA, Dr. Ruby is a medical expert. Dr. Ruby visited with Peters about some truly disturbing news from the aviation ...

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Top FDA doctors resign over CDC overreach on Covid-19 Vaccines

WASHINGTON: Two of top Food and Drug Administration vaccine regulators are resigning in protest over the Biden administration’s push to encourage booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines. The two regulators are Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Phillip Krause. They plan to be gone by November. The resignations come during an aggressive campaign by the Biden administration ...

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Covid-19 Vaccine fallout: Lawsuits to country bans, people have concerns

WASHINGTON: More and more reports of deaths and illnesses after people have been vaccinated by the newly developed non-traditional supposed Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are being reported. This could explain why calls are increasing for mandatory vaccinations and why the CDC wrongfully took the status of these vaccines off of the ‘experimental status’ just recently. To most ...

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The Road to Vaccination Passports: Its about politics, not your health

SAN DIEGO The shoes keep dropping regarding vaccination passports. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is now requiring such passports to get into any restaurant,  gym, or other place deemed as a leisure activity. This rule doesn’t seem to be in place for grocery shopping yet. But that’s probably only a matter of time. ...

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Trump and the Covid-19 origins

Trump was right about the Russia-collusion hoax. It seems his claim that China created a weaponized Coivd -19 virus is panning out as well.