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NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez’s corruption taint is Bob Hugin’s win

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY: A number of things stand out in the polls in the Menendez (D)  – Hugin (R) race for Congress. For instance, Menendez polls poorly among “Southern Democrats.”   Hugin, nevertheless. has complete Republican support and considerably most of the Caucasian support. At least according to the numbers. Leaving Menendez Urban Democrats in the northern ...

China’s Panama Paper tigers

Premier Deng Xiaoping set up the economic reforms that brought capitalism to China, but capitalism mixed with socialism is a recipe for corruption.

FREEDOM: Is ‘government efficiency’ an oxymoron?

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., November 14, 2014 – One would hope that operating in an efficient and effective manner would be among the main objectives of our Government. However, those two concepts appear to be foreign to our feckless leaders. Apparently, the rule of “supply and demand” doesn’t apply when a group of individuals has ...