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Constitution Day

Constitution Day: Protecting America throughout 232 years of history

WASHINGTON: This past week Americans had remembrance ceremonies in honor of Patriot’s Day, which brings back the memories of September 11, 2001. Americans refer to this day as Patriot Day to commemorate those brave men and women who risked their lives for the sake of others. We must remember those who helped save and serve ...

Electoral College Map 2016

The very important historical memory of the Electoral College

WASHINGTON: The Electoral College intent is not to prevent democracy. It is (or was) to elect a chief presiding officer over a union of sovereign republics. The, almost vicious, cries for the elimination of the electoral process are in realty cries for “democracy” within our Republic.  It is the rueful cry of the mob. A ...

Constitution Day 2018: Americans must choose whether it matters

SAN JOSÉ, Calif. On Constitution Day, September 17, 2017, a recent poll from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center generated a great deal of insight about why the Constitution of the United States is in trouble. That year’s Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey revealed that a significant number of Americans are clueless about the ...

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The Supreme Court Confirmation by Senator Sasse and Several Dwarfs

WASHINGTON: Why does Congress have hearings for people only to parade them through Senate Judiciary Committee-chaos? All for the examination as to their qualifications. The Supreme Court Justices certainly require more than an educated person. As we see with all our Supremes, there is a certain gravitas of intelligence. The Senators examining SCOTUS nominee Judge ...

Presidents and Politicians: Ignoring the Constitution when declaring war

Presidents from Truman to Trump, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, have rejected the mandate that it is the role of Congress to declare war.  Now, the DoJ has issued a legal defense for such action. Are they ignoring the Constitution in their rush to use Presidential Authority to declare war?