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Texas, Dan Patrick, Randy Lancaster-Short

The looming Beto Bomb may turn Texas bluer than the Bluebonnets

WASHINGTON: Former sports announcer, Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick (R) has decided that his historical acumen can bring Texas forward into the truly modern way of thinking.  Patrick’s view, it seems, is that the South is and always had been a bunch of ignorant savages. However, under his guidance, no more. How Texas Turns ...

Cyber burning Conservative Professors

U.S. universities, no longer marketplaces of ideas, are a weird admixture of Komsomols, jihadi training camps, collective pot farms, and day cares. Ironically, indoctrinated graduates enter a Marxist political economy under radical Islamist attack with futures as grim as the conservative professors they cyberburn into obscurity.

The end of ‘compassionate conservatism’

A shattering of the GOP’s status quo is coming because many conservative Republicans have forgotten, as Buckley once observed, “You must not trifle with the individual.”