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Virginia Prodan writes Saving My Assassin: Faith in communist Romania

"I should be dead. Buried under an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously, I am not. God had other plans." Saving My Assassin is a memoir of Virginia Prodan and growing up in communist Romania under the brutal dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. But it is not the end of her story. Today, Ms. Prodan is an International Human Rights Attorney and an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Obama arrives in Cuba promoting his Cuba policy

HAVANA, March 20, 2016 – President Obama arrived in Cuba today for a history-making presidential visit and loosening decades of tense relations with the communist country. The White House is hoping the visit will nudge the Cuban government to grant more freedoms to its people and open new economic channels for American businesses. Obama took ...

Cyber burning Conservative Professors

U.S. universities, no longer marketplaces of ideas, are a weird admixture of Komsomols, jihadi training camps, collective pot farms, and day cares. Ironically, indoctrinated graduates enter a Marxist political economy under radical Islamist attack with futures as grim as the conservative professors they cyberburn into obscurity.

Feel the socialist Bern!

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton want to give you everything, but as Jefferson said, a government big enough to do that is big enough to take it all away.