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Climate Change

From Ossoff (who?) to Russia: The 10 least important news stories of 2018

LOS ANGELES:  The media is overwhelmingly liberal to the point of outright advocacy. Unimportant stories are amplified ad nauseam while vital stories are ignored. Far too many media personalities are now more interested in being the news rather than just reporting it. Accosted by Acosta: CNN correspondent banned from White House The liberal covers stories not ...

Climate Change, Taxation, French Revolution, France, Stephen Nemo, Paris

Climate Change carbon taxation leading to French Revolution II: Vive la France!

WASHINGTON: You may not have heard, but anti-government riots are breaking out in Paris, France as a consequence of climate change carbon taxes. That consequence, of course, is higher fuel prices, which have added additional financial burdens to one of Europe’s heavily taxed populations. The whiff of climate change aristocracy France’s socialist government has increased taxes ...

An inconvenient truth, an inconvenient Al

In 2006, according to the official Portland Police Bureau report, detectives were briefed “regarding a possible case of sex abuse” involving none other than “Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States.” Inconvenient?