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Climate Change

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Today’s Democratic Party, Scientology and the weird cult of Xenu

WASHINGTON. “The one man in the world who never believes he’s mad,” said science fiction author and Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, “is a madman.” When I think of the Democratic Party and its irrational ravings over man-made climate change, I think of Scientology and its brainwashed adherents.   Myths that guide us ...

Robert Chambers and Jordan Peterson

Chambers and Peterson: Climate change alarmism is a lot of hot air

WASHINGTON. What do Robert Chambers and Jordan Peterson have in common? One died in the 19th century, the other is with us today. Both, however, share key values and perceptions. Robert Chambers was a 19th century Scotsman. He was a writer, publisher, and thinker. Chambers was also had the respect of the scientific and political ...

From Ossoff (who?) to Russia: The 10 least important news stories of 2018

LOS ANGELES:  The media is overwhelmingly liberal to the point of outright advocacy. Unimportant stories are amplified ad nauseam while vital stories are ignored. Far too many media personalities are now more interested in being the news rather than just reporting it. Accosted by Acosta: CNN correspondent banned from White House The liberal covers stories not ...