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Putting Christ back into a Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days

My grandchildren went home from school Friday to take a week off for a “winter holiday.” That it coincides with Christmas is simply a coincidence in our modern secular era where we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, except Christians. And this is in Tennessee, a state not known for its liberal policies. Even ...

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Is Halloween Canceling Christianity in 21st Century American families?

WASHINGTON: Are you one of the many Christian families seriously torn between their Christian faith and Halloween trick-or-treating, parties, and events? Some 70 percent of Americans celebrate some form of Halloween according to the  Statista Research Department. In 2021, an estimated 65 percent of Americans plan to celebrate. Christianity is shrinking dramatically amongst Millennials and ...


Making room for Christ and Christmas in this chaotic world

WASHINGTON: As we enter the Christmas season, it seems that most of society’s concerns and obsessions are quite the opposite of what is, in fact, being celebrated.  Christ. We live, more and more, in a materialist era in which the Christmas season begins with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”  Newspaper headlines tell us how much ...

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Easter: Reviving the commandments of Jesus Christ

At the Last Supper, knowing that his crucifixion was at hand, Jesus Christ spoke to his disciples, offering them one last commandment. If you love me, love my commandments. The first of those is to Love the Lord, your God. He also begged them to love each other.

The death of Christmas and Christian churches’ failure

WASHINGTON, December 23, 2014 – The chipper greeting of “Happy Holidays!” provokes hostility every year from people who worry that secularists are out to destroy Christmas. Every holiday season brings the same hand-wringing over “X-mas,” “happy holidays,” the disappearance of crèches and Christmas trees from public spaces, and “holiday breaks” rather than “Christmas breaks” from our ...