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Chris Christie

Bridgegate not over for Chris Christie

A New Jersey judge issued a summons to Governor Chris Christie over his alleged role in Bridgegate. The complaint was filed by retired firefighter William J. Brennan.

Marco Rubio bows out with class and honor

MIAMI, March 15, 2016 — The Ides of March continues to be a cruel date in history. The original March 15 victim was Emperor Julius Caesar, who, of course, was assassinated on that date. Five years ago and closer to our own time, the Ides of March claimed the life of rapper Nate Dogg. This ...

The myth of John Kasich

It is long past time for America to know the real truth behind the John Kasich presidential run. Myths must be separated from facts.

BREAKING: Carly Fiorina drops out of race, Chris Christie next

WASHINGTON, Jan. 10, 2016 – In a prepared statement Wednesday afternoon, Carly Fiorina announced that she was suspending her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. According to CNBC, Fiorina made it official in a prepared statement that read in part: “To young girls and women across the country, I say: do not let others define ...