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NFL Draft 2020

NFL Draft 2020 Virtual Round 1 Recap

When they write their memoirs or journals about this coronavirus plague year, football fans may number NFL Draft 2020 as among the most important.

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2020 Divisional Playoffs Preview and Bettor’s Guide: 100 years of the NFL

LOS ANGELES: The 100th anniversary of the National Football League (NFL) brought a fantastic start to the playoffs. My birthday is January 9th, and the best present a leathered could ask for is great football when it matters most. Three of the four Wildcard games were thrillers, and the last game was an ugly affair ...

NFL 2018-2019 Conference Title Games Preview and Bettor’s Guide

HONOLULU,:  For casual fans, the Super Bowl is the only game that matters. It has been turned into an entertainment spectacle featuring pointless halftime shows. Parties feature annoying individuals who demand silence during the commercials and refuse to shut up during the game. The Conference Title Games are for Leatherheads. The Super Bowl is almost anti-climactic. ...

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Any Given Sunday – The NFL 2018 Week 17 Preview and Bettor’s Guide

LOS ANGELES: The NFL playoffs are one week away. On Sunday, December 30th, we find out which 12 teams get to compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The AFC and NFC playoff possibilities are as wide as ever. New Year’s Eve will bring Black Monday coach firings. Every year new teams go from worst to first. ...

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NFL 2018-2019 AFC Playoff Permutations, Combinations and Predictions

LOS ANGELES:  With 16 weeks of the 2018 NFL regular season in the history books, Week 17 is upon us. This is the week where football jargon not used for 358 days is said repeatedly. We learn who controls their own destiny and who needs help to make the playoffs. Some years it seems almost everybody has ...

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Happy Thanksgiving: NFL 2018 Week 12 Preview and Bettor’s Guide

WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA:  On this Thanksgiving, it is more than football and the NFL There are many people who are thankful they are alive. My home city of Los Angeles has been rocked by a shooting in Thousand Oaks and deadly wildfires that have incinerated home and destroyed lives. I am thankful that I am one ...