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Nonprofits needs to maximize results from year-end giving to fund their programs. Photo: Bohed/Creative Commons Fundraising tips

Ten Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits to Beat the Year-End Clock

SAN DIEGO, Calif., December 17, 2018 – According to the nonprofit watchdog organization Charity Navigator, 31 percent of annual donations to charities take place in December. Donors find themselves bombarded with pleas for help in their mailbox and their inbox, especially if they have been donors in the past. It can be difficult for any ...

give a stranger

When all you have to give a stranger is $20 and a bottle of water

FROM THE ROAD: The man sat on the curb in front of the convenience store/gas station. It was right off the ramp from the interstate in Alabama. We had just had lunch at a Subway restaurant down the street and stopped at this place before getting back to Interstate 59 North.  My wife and son ...

Can better health be bought?

‘Subsidies for charitable contributions not only increase how much we give, they also improve our mental and physical well-being.’ Really?

How nonprofits can stay competitive

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2014 — Maro Zagoras, an experienced nonprofit coach, is improving the sector one nonprofit at a time. Not every nonprofit operates like a business, but they should. Gone are the days when the mission was enough to sustain a nonprofit. It is easier than ever for the average person, the consumer, to become ...