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Internet Censorship: How something meant to be good became very evil

In March 1989, Berners-Lee – the son of computer scientists – began organizing the projects, computer systems, research, and knowledge in the first global use of the Internet.  The tool for this worldwide connection was HTML – hypertext markup language. All leading to the very first building blocks of the World Wide Web (WWW). Hypertext ...

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585 years of social and political progress halted by Internet censorship

WASHINGTON — The printing press, devised by Gutenberg in 1436, is the most important tool to our social, political, and industrial growth.  It has allowed the sharing of information from revolutions to health information. (7 Ways the Printing Press Changed the World) It has taken us man out of the Dark Ages, through the industrial ...

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YouTube bans “Anti-vaccine Information”. But the truth will prevail

WASHINGTON — We have reported the truth found in the murky waters of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the related vaccines. We here at Communities Digital News will never be found guilty of the journalistic crime of malpractice. Unfortunately, more and more mainstream sources of news are covering up or hiding the truth. YouTube’s ...

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Ivory Hecker: Is Fox 26 Houston censoring journalists speaking the truth?

HOUSTON:  It happened again, but his time with a different outcome.  This story is similar to the time ABC’s Amy Rohbach had a story killed in 2016 on pedophile Jeff Epstein.  A young female news journalist went rouge when she had enough of her Fox 26 Houston’s censorship.  She claims she was only trying to ...

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YouTube and the manipulation of the news through censorship

ILLINOIS:  Those who watch YouTube for both entertainment and information may not be aware of all of the hoops conservative content developers have to jump through to meet their ever-changing community standards.  Two hot-button topics these days include the 2020 Presidential Election Audits and COVID-19.  Say the wrong thing and you will get a temporary ...