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Texas Gov. Abbott , George P. Bush defend the Mounted Border Patrol

SAN DIEGO: The minute Biden and Liberal elites occupied the Whitehouse, they set out to destroy all things, Trump. This last attack is against the Mounted Border Patrol. However, despite the Bush family not wanting to speak badly about the sitting president, George P. Bush, an attorney serving as the Texas General Land Office commissioner ...

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Rising GOP star George P. Bush would do well to Remember the Alamo

WASHINGTON: March 6 will mark the 184th anniversary of the fall of The Alamo. La Compania de Alamo. Always the Yankee transplants, the now in Texas Bush family continues its history of tempering Texas to its Bush New England roots. George P. Bush wants the Alamo to reflect world values. Something the United Nations can ...

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From Bush to Trump: The media and unfairly harsh Presidential coverage

WASHINGTON: Americans were glued to their TV’s and other electronic devices to watch the burial of the 41st President of the United States.  Many of us recalled a kind and gentle man with extreme courage and love of country; a man who led the country through turmoil while gaining some very significant achievements.  Without exception, ...

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Barbara Bush orders her husband home

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA:  After over seven months of impatiently waiting, “America’s grandmother” Barbara Bush ordered her husband to come home and join her. The news will report that former President George Herbert Walker Bush died on Friday night at the age of 94. The real story is that First Lady Barbara Bush needed him far more ...

Barbara Bush: A blue blood beloved by the people

Barbara Bush's role was one of support - to her husband, children, grandchildren and America. However ask anyone that knew her and they have a story of the "enforcer", the woman that set the pace for her family, her husband and us.

The myth of John Kasich

It is long past time for America to know the real truth behind the John Kasich presidential run. Myths must be separated from facts.