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Brighid Moret

Cheerful Chick, Children's Book, Review, Scholastic House, Brighid Moret

Cheerful Chick: A Children’s Scholastic House Book Review

WASHINGTON:  Everyone has had a dream. Some people pursue their dreams with encouragement, some have it shot down, and others persevere in the face of opposition. Cheerful Chick has a dream too, and she is determined to see it realized. Cheerful Chick is an enthusiastic, noisy chick. She is determined to cheer and make everyone ...

Try a Little Kindness, Children's Book Review, Brighid Moret

Try a Little Kindness – Children’s Book Review

Laurel, MD – Kindness can be a struggle. Everyone at some point has been exposed to unkind people. Children are no exception. Sometimes they can see that behavior and copy it. Other times, they may have trouble with kindness for other reasons; they may be frustrated, angry or jealous. Sometimes children just don’t know that ...

Good Morning Snowplow, Children's Book, Brighid Moret

Good Night, Snowplow! – Children’s Book Review

Laurel, MD: Winter is in full swing. Many parts of the country snow has fallen. As January marches on, more areas are soon to have snow in their forecasts. While many winter books abound, Good Morning, Snowplow! is different. Most snow books talk about playing in the snow, or center around characters who live in ...

How to Catch Santa, Jean Reagan, Holiday, Children's Book, Christmas Book, Santa Claus, Brighid Moret

How To Catch Santa: A Holiday How To! – A children’s book review

Laurel, MD: Every year when December rolls around, millions of children around the world think about Santa. Most of them make lists of presents they want to bring. Some are excited to pay the big man in the red suit a visit. But some children think about sneaking downstairs on Christmas Eve to see Santa ...

Tchaikovsky, Suite, Ballet, Classical Music

I Love The Nutcracker: My First Sound Book – A Children’s Book Review

LAUREL, MARYLAND: Every year when Christmas music starts playing, the carousel of musical classics and favorites fill the airwaves, the stores, and television commercials. Some songs are more modern.  Others are catchy to sing along too. But almost everyone can relate to music from The Nutcracker stuck in their head at some point. The Nutcracker ...