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We expendables: Americans in endless war and unfettered immigration

WASHINGTON. Since his fraudulent election as US president, Joe Biden has clumsily unleashed one crisis after another. But one catastrophe, in particular, stands out. That is the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border. Steven Kopits of Princeton Policy Advisors estimates 1.8 million illegals will have crossed into the US by year’s end. “The administration ...

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Transnational criminals fuel surge of Brazilian migrants at SDC border

SAN DIEGO: Since Oct 2020, the United States Border Patrol (USBP) has apprehended 7,300 Brazilian nationals in sharp contrast to 330 in all FY2020. There’s more shocking numbers. To-date in FY2021, San Diego Sector (SDC) worked round the clock to apprehend/encounter an illegal migrant surge exceeding 100,000. The highest number in over a decade. Why, ...