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Bob Siegel

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Infanticide in America: How did we fall so far so fast?

SAN DIEGO. Current law says that anyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen with rights. This point is being made in discussions about immigration. But such rights seem rather fleeting if a botched up late term abortion results in an abortion surviving viable baby. In those cases, the baby can be refused medical ...

Ocasio-Cortez, Pixie Dust, Idiot Politicians, Paul H. Yarborough

Liberal allegiance to a morally right Ocasio-Cortez: Cardi B vs. Tomi Lahren

SAN DIEGO: This week brings two disturbing pieces of news.  Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the latest darling of the Democrats, spoke positively of a violent threat by performer Cardi B against Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren.   Equally disturbing is that neither this nor her numerous fact-challenged comments seem to be affecting her rise in popularity. A recent ...

Kavanaugh’s Angry Defense: Not the only anger we have seen

SAN DIEGO:  Unable to prove the contradictory and uncorroborated sexual allegations against now sworn in Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats have switched gears. We are now hearing that this was not a court trial. It was a job interview. In that context, they say, Kavanaugh should have been disqualified. Diane Feinstein says, “This is not a trial ...

Apple goes bananas over diversity

The lesson here seems to be that "diversity" does not mean diversity of opinion. Alas, even a diverse opinion of diversity is now viewed as anti-diversity.

Healthcare subsidies: Obama’s cynical advice to the Supreme Court

SAN DIEGO, June 9, 2015 — Never missing an opportunity to deliver yet another misleading speech, President Obama decided to share his vast legal expertise with the Supreme Court, at least indirectly. While  attending the G-7 summit in Germany, he held a press conference and brazenly dropped a hint that the Supreme Court would be offering “a ...